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FROM 15th JULY 2013.

Due to E.U. regulations governing the transportation of 'Flamable Liquids' and also the transportation of 'Prohibited & Restricted Items' now imposed by many parcel & mail carrier companies, I am having to package my paints & label them in accordance with E.U. directives and employ the services of a carrier who 'Will' carry these types of materials.
Due to these changes, I have no choice but to increase my post & packing charges to cover the extra costs I am now incurring.
I have no control over anything relating to this matter and if I can find a cheaper way of distributing my 'Materials' in the future, I will amend my post & packing charges accordingly.
The post & packing charges are now governed by Postcodes (See Postcode Information) and most have a package weight of 'Up to 20 kilo'.
For larger orders (Under 20 kilo) the new charges are still fairly competitive but for some of the smaller orders of I Ltr and under the costs have increased quite dramatically.
I would advise you check out the 'Consumables' link on my website to see if there are any other 'Competitively priced' materials that you may need for your project as 'Most' orders can now go 'Up to a 20 kilo' package for the same price.
Any orders can be collected from my premises (By prior arrangement) in person or by a carrier of your own choice (Arranged and paid for by yourself) saving the carriage costs being added to your order) .

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